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The California Pork Producers Association is the catalyst for California pork industry stakeholders to collectively and collaboratively build a socially responsible, sustainable, and economically viable pork industry through information, promotion, and education.

To achieve its mission, California Pork Producers Association will –

  • Build consumer trust for California pork producers by promoting and committing to socially responsible and sustainable on-farm management practices.

  • Invest in education and research programs for its member stakeholders to enhance sustainability of pork production for the benefit of producers and consumers.

  • Provide opportunities for industry stakeholders to enhance marketing opportunities for its members, promote consumer demand for pork, and the California pork industry.

  • Engage with allied industry stakeholders to create a collective voice to address the emerging challenges facing animal agriculture.

  • Invest in youth educational and leadership programs to cultivate tomorrow’s California pork industry leaders.

Our Mission

Foreign Animal Disease Resources

The African swine fever (ASF) outbreak in China and in many other countries around the world is wreaking havoc on the international pork industry. Fortunately, ASF is not in the United States at this time, but the possibility of it or other foreign animal disease (FAD) means that American pig farmers must take the necessary steps to protect their farms and the domestic pork industry.


For more than five decades, we’ve been committed to sustainability and continuous improvement in pig farming. The We Care commitment was launched in 2008 as a way to promote responsibility across every aspect of pork production. Developed by pig farmers and operated by the National Pork Board, the National Pork Producers Council and the state organizations representing pig farmers, We Care serves as a promise to continuously evaluate and improve production methods.

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